What your emotions tell you about your passions

What your emotions tell you about your passions

What your emotions tell you about your passions and what to do about it


Do you find it difficult to answer someone who asks you what you feel passionate about?

If you are a bit like me your mind might ponder what the word “passion” really means and if any activity or topic meets the “passionate” category compared to just “liking” or “preferring”.

On the opposite end of the scale, you might be someone who can ramble on about 15 things that you are passionate about having to spend the rest of the evening to explain why you can’t pick your top 3.

Although the question has different reactions, it still deserves our attention.

The realistic and logical equation to consider is:

Passion = Emotions (if we want them or not)

Let me explain.

If I tell you of something terrible happening to the economy of Kyrgyzstan today, would you lose sleep over it tonight? And yes, I had to google “least known countries in the world” to find Kyrgyzstan.

Most of us will probably not lose sleep over the economy of Kyrgyzstan but might be more concerned over the economy of our home country.

Why is that?

It is very understandable that things more important and relevant to our own lives might generate more interest, worry and a myriad of other emotions.

The logic, therefore, goes like this:

If the importance of something goes up, the emotional state regarding the same thing goes up. We tend to be more worried, excited or consumed by the things we care about. We can therefore use the intensity by which we feel emotions as guide to what is important to us.

The difficulty starts when these emotions and thoughts within us are less welcoming! It is as if we have our own preferred thoughts and emotions list and only want to experience THEM, all the time.

Consider this basic truth:

If we become more willing to have our emotions and thoughts as they present themselves to us, rather than to just ignore, shoulder or reason them away, we can learn what is important to us and also get clever with how we deal with these emotions and thoughts when they are present.

What to DO when the emotions I feel are not on my “preferred” list

The moment you want to DO something that you are passionate about, you will notice the excitement but probably also fear of failure. Please see this as a sign for you to do it anyway despite the presence of the fear. Too many times we resign to the fear and don’t DO what we are passionate about. Just think about your typical reaction when you want to ask someone on a date that you are really interested in. You either are going to take the risk and ask or play it safe and not ask the person out.

In conclusion

Socrates said “The unexamined life is not worth living” and I want to challenge you today to become more curious about your emotions and thoughts, be they on your preferred list or not so that you can learn what you are passionate.

Furthermore, I want to challenge you if you are willing to take action towards what you are passionate about regardless of the emotional content is tricky or not.

Next blog I will explore with you how you can refine and develop your life in pursuit of your passion

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