About Us

We are two psychologists that believe that quality help should be accessible to everyone. However, due to various factors not everyone is getting the help they deserve. This made us fed up with the system. This is our answer to make quality interventions possible and accessible to your specific needs. 

Both Bertus and Hannes share an excitement for the life changing impact that psychological flexibility has had on their own lives and the potential it holds for the people they serve. 

Bertus is a psychologist in Centurion. 

What we aim to do:

We will be provided you with resources that keeps you adaptable during these tough times. Being adaptable helps you choose the right actions and mindsets that enhance your probability to reach your valued goals. 


We believe that every person possesses the ability to move beyond the internal struggles keeping them stuck. Our work is based on the evidence base behind Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and psychological flexibility. Each person's situation is unique and we hope to empower our clients to move closer to a life they desire despite the pain and discomfort they might be facing.


We are a fresh, relevant, and authentic platform focused on providing millennials with evidence-based resources. We aim to help you to remain adaptable during the challenges you are facing; guiding you to move beyond fear of judgement and feeling stuck to a more engaged and purposeful life.

Our Values

Relevance - We provide you with resources and skills backed by science.

Fresh - Our approach is different than the usual. We don't believe you are the problem, the problem is the problem and what you do about it.

Authentic - Honest and open growth to enable you to adapt in your context. Everyones situation is unique. We help you discover what is the best for you and what you hold as important.